Hello world!

Any of you who own a WordPress blog should recognize this post title as the one that comes out by default when you create a new blog.

The post itself is an encouragement, an example and, possibly, a clever trick to deal with the infamous writer’s block, and therefore you are suggested to edit or remove it to start blogging.

But just as my career as a coder started with a program that didn’t anything but printing Hello world! on a text console, I liked the idea of starting a blog with the very same message.

Let’s just hope it will bring good luck as it did the first time. 🙂

Although I earn my living as a coder, though, I don’t plan to run a technical blog: I’ll write about whatever it comes into my mind (well… almost), but I’ll keep strictly technical stuff on my corporate blog.

I just resumed blogging just for selfish reasons: I enjoy writing, and I want to improve my English. Blogging just seemed to be a fun way to do both, although most of my friends aren’t likely to appreciate the choice of the language.

That said, I can’t exclude you might actually be interested in something of what I’ll write. Time will tell.

Alessandro Bahgat
Software Engineer & Manager

I am an engineer and manager of engineers, I sometimes play with side projects and write about my experiences in my spare time.

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