What you should know before moving to Amsterdam

A practical guide covering everything I had to figure out when I relovated to the Netherlands, covering topics such as the 30% ruling for Highly Skilled Migrants, finding where to live, registering as a resident, getting your accounts and getting around.

DVI port no longer working

I’m sharing this story because it may be useful for someone else, as well. This morning I found out that my monitor (a Packard Bell Maestro 220wdv) was not working anymore.¬†After messing with the cables for a while, it turned out that I wasn’t able to connect anything using DVI, while the two VGA ports were perfectly functional. I was ready to buy a new DVI cable (hoping that it was not the monitor’s fault) when I found out this forum thread, which stated:

Hello world!

Any of you who own a WordPress blog should recognize this post title as the one that comes out by default when you create a new blog. The post itself is an encouragement, an example and, possibly, a clever trick to deal with the infamous writer’s block, and therefore you are suggested to edit or remove it to start blogging. But just as my career as a coder started with a program that didn’t anything but printing Hello world!