What you should know before moving to Amsterdam

This post is a bit unusual for this blog: a few months ago I moved from Milan to Amsterdam (curiously, four years after my first visit to the city) and gathered some advice from friends and websites in the process. That information helped a great deal during my first weeks here and ensured that my move was a smooth one. I believe others in the same situation may benefit from the notes I gathered, so I decided to post them here. As an EU citizen with a job offer from a company that has an office in the Netherlands, my transition was quite easy, but there were still some aspects that took me a while to figure out: I will try to cover most of them within this post. For everything else, you may find a lot of useful information in the links at the end of this article.

DVI port no longer working

I’m sharing this story because it may be useful for someone else, as well. This morning I found out that my monitor (a Packard Bell Maestro 220wdv) was not working anymore. After messing with the cables for a while, it turned out that I wasn’t able to connect anything using DVI, while the two VGA ports were perfectly functional. I was ready to buy a new DVI cable (hoping that it was not the monitor’s fault) when I found out this forum thread, which stated:

If you can’t get what you want…

…maybe you just don’t want it strongly enough.

Hello world!

Any of you who own a WordPress blog should recognize this post title as the one that comes out by default when you create a new blog. The post itself is an encouragement, an example and, possibly, a clever trick to deal with the infamous writer’s block, and therefore you are suggested to edit or remove it to start blogging. But just as my career as a coder started with a program that didn’t anything but printing Hello world!