A new use for margins

While I still read books on my way to work, I recently started reading online articles and blog posts using my phone as well.

This morning, while I was reading a column on Alertbox on iPhone, I noticed with pleasure a small detail: the left and right margins of the page have more than a merely aesthetic purpose.

As anyone who ever used an iPhone will certainly know, you usually slide your thumb along one side of the screen to scroll the page you’re reading.

Now, look at the screenshot below (red margins were highlighted later): because of the empty space at the sides of the page users are able to scroll without hiding text under their fingers. That’s relevant if you have the habit of scrolling and reading at the same time. 😉

Alertbox, on the iPhone

I don’t know if Alertbox is styled like that by chance or by design, but I appreciate the result nonetheless.

As a side note: Alertbox is one of the most mobile-friendly websites I read. As such, it’s perfectly readable even on the small screen of my Nokia E71. 😉


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