A bit of confusion around Google Bookmarks?

Let’s start with two quick facts:

1. Google recently refurbished Google Bookmarks (after neglecting them for a couple of years), giving them more importance in search and allowing us to share them with friends more easily.

2. Meanwhile, a different team (I guess), implemented Bookmark Sync from Chrome, a new features that synchronizes bookmarks with a Google account (quite handy when you routinely use Chrome on many computers). Those bookmarks end up in a read-only directory in your Google Docs space.

I’m now wondering: why do we have two different sets of entities, called bookmarks, that

  • share some similarities,
  • are stored in different places,
  • serve (slightly) different purposes,
  • have the same name.

Isn’t that confusing?

Alessandro Bahgat
Software Engineer & Manager

I am an engineer and manager of engineers, I sometimes play with side projects and write about my experiences in my spare time.

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