What to look for when hiring

A while ago, I found myself in the enviable position of having to rapidly grow my team. By then, I had done a large number of technical interviews, so I had an idea of what to look for in strong candidates for Software Engineering positions. However, I felt like I lacked a framework for understanding how likely a given candidate was to succeed if they had joined my team, beyond a very loose definition of “culture fit”. As I was trying to better understand what I was looking for, I started to think about what I value in the people I work with and to reflect on traits I found to be quite common among some of the most successful people I have worked with over the course of my career. While I would not expect every person I work with to exhibit all the qualities I list here, I am always positively impressed when I come across someone who exhibits more than a few and equally concerned when I see no hint of any of these characteristics. Over time, I became quite sensitive to some hints that suggest someone could possess one of the these traits and I learned to probe further whenever I see them. Here a list of the most important characteristics I learned to value in anyone I work with, regardless of job function.

Want to get better at your job? Spend time with children

I still remember one of the most interesting questions I have been asked last year when I was interviewing for a Software Engineering position: How would you explain to a 12 years old what an API is? At first, I was surprised: it certainly sounded like an uncommon question for a Software Engineering interview. And yet I tried to answer as best I could, trying to come up with a concise definition that could convey what I meant, but without assuming any specialist knowledge about computers and software. As I progressed with the interview, it became evident what kind of ability my interviewer was trying to test.